Crime Detection and Investigation

Crime Detection and Investigation is the field of study that looks at the science and practice of crime investigation including the identification, collection, and analysis of evidence, interviewing of suspects and witnesses, and building cases for prosecution. It examines the various techniques, scientific methods, and technologies used for investigating crimes including intelligence-led policing, cyber forensics, surveillance, and forensic science. It also looks at the ethical considerations related to criminal investigation, case and trial preparation, and courtroom testimony. Additionally, Crime Detection and Investigation covers the topics of evidence management and legal procedures associated with search and seizure.

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These are the subjects of Crime Detection and Investigation Module under New Curriculum.

  • Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation and Intelligence
  • Special Crime Investigation 1 with Legal Medicine
  • Special  Crime Investigation 2 with Simulation on Interview and Interrogation (coming soon)
  • Introduction to Cyber Crime and Environmental Laws and Protection
  • Technical English 1 (Investigative Report Writing and Presentation) – Refer to Module 101
  • Technical English 2- Legal Forms (Refer to Module 101) (coming soon)
  • Vices and Drug Education & Control
  • Traffic Management and Accident Investigation
  • Fire Protection and Arson Investigation

Comprehensive Final Exam

Each of this lesson has a "COMPLETE" button below each content. Simply click the "COMPLETE" button to finish the lesson so you can proceed to the next lesson. Lessons are lock sequentially. You cannot jump from the middle or last lesson on each module.
Yes you can retake the exam. The passing score is 60%.

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